Paula Felgate

Paula Felgate

B.Sc (Hon) Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, MBAcC Lic. Acu

Specialist Interest Groups:

  • Fertility: including pregnancy and post natal
  • Women’s Health: menstrual pain, cramps, PMT
  • Muscular Pain (back, neck, shoulder, etc)
  • Chronic and post viral fatigue
  • Stress disorders; insomnia, jaw clenching and grinding, migraines
  • Digestive disorders including IBS

Following my graduation from The University of Westminster with a B.Sc Hons. in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, I have found treating with a mixture of both kinesiology and acupuncture hugely beneficial to my patients. My degree covered the knowledge and expertise of western medicine to enable me to combine therapies ensuring a complementary and enhanced treatment.
Over the past 7 years my career development has focused on expanding my knowledge and areas of expertise within general health and wellbeing. Specific areas of experience and interest include complementary therapies; mainly kinesiology, Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Through the study of kinesiology and acupuncture my general interest in maintaining the balance between the physical, mental and emotional aspects of health continues to leave me fascinated and committed to finding what provides the perfect balance for any given individual.

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"I broke my collarbone and i had been recommended to visit London City Physio and i am so glad i was. Not only was Hugo a great Physio and helped me immensely on my recovery but all the staff were very accommodating and professional. The service was exemplary and I am now well on my road to recovery. Getting the e-mails with my recovery program videos was very useful as it meant i could do them on my lunch break at work. I will definitely be recommending their services to anyone in need of Physiotherapy."

- Ross Finbow, 2018
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