Working safely at home

Working Safely From Home

Working safely at home As an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist with a specialist interest in upper limb disorders and ergonomics our Clinical Director, Martine Cooper, is passionate about avoiding injury whilst working. Human beings evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to be mobile, originally as hunter-gatherers. Nowadays, sedentary and desk-bound lifestyles are causing havoc with […]

Knee pain from running

Advances in Knee Surgery

Ground-breaking Technique for Knee and Hip Surgery A surgical robot, perhaps a little alarmingly given the pelagic name “Mako”, is delivering stellar results for patients having hip and knee surgery. It’s likely to revolutionise orthopaedic surgery in the coming years. The robotic ‘arm-assisted surgery’ offered by the Mako is indeed a ground-breaking piece of robotic […]

Foam Roller: a Physio’s Guide

Foam Rolling: a Physio’s Guide

Download our PDF of Foam Rolling: a Physio’s Guide Self-myofascial release, or better known as ‘foam rolling’, which was once just used and heard of by professional athletes, coaches and therapists, is now a popular exercise regime for a range of people from the sedentary person to the more athletic individual. What is a foam […]