Working safely at home

Working Safely From Home

Working safely at home As an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist with a specialist interest in upper limb disorders and ergonomics our Clinical Director, Martine Cooper, is passionate about avoiding injury whilst working. Human beings evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to be mobile, originally as hunter-gatherers. Nowadays, sedentary and desk-bound lifestyles are causing havoc with […]

Frozen shoulder

Frozen Shoulder

Everything You Need To Know About Frozen Shoulder Adhesive Capsulitis, more commonly known as “Frozen Shoulder”, is a debilitating and often highly painful condition caused by the capsule surrounding the shoulder joint becoming stiff, tight and painful. Symptoms can often last for months, sometimes even years, which are often worse at night and, without treatment.  […]

desk exercise

7 desk exercises to keep you healthy

Download our PDF of ‘Discover top 7 deskercises to keep you healthy’ Here’s why you should be doing regular desk exercises, or ‘deskercises’ as we like to call them… Living in the digital age means many of us spend our days deskbound and we are unable to move as much as we should. Booking in […]

Workstation Tips

Setting up your Workstation

 Download Setting up your Workstation pdf Setting up your chairSeat HeightAdjust the height so that your hips are level or higher than your knees. The whole of your foot should be on the floor, do not lower your chair to suit the desk height. Raise the desk! Ideally the seat pan would have a rounded ‘waterfall’ […]