London Marathon 2020


London Marathon Injury ClinicLondon Marathon 2020

Expert support to help you achieve, perform and stay healthy

We understand endurance sports and how to make sure you achieve your performance goals. We know marathons very well, because we run them too (John Nugus’ last time was 2 hrs 46 mins), so we really understand the field.

John Nugus running

John Nugus, Chartered Physiotherapist, running towards his 2 hrs 46 min time

Running Physio by Runners

Every London City Physiotherapist has at least 10 years’ post-graduate experience and/or an MSc in a related discipline. Just as in business, experience really counts in Physiotherapy. Our Sports Physio’s and running specialists are able to offer expert screening, advice and treatment, so you can get the most out of your marathon.

Running services

We also provide quick access to our integrated services, like Private Doctors, Sports Massage, Personal Training, Pilates and Osteopathy. With a fully equipped gym to aid injury prevention or rehabilitation, as well as that expertise in marathons, our elite team are able to provide the highest standards of clinical care.

How to book

You can contact our team at any time for more information about any of our services. Our specialist marathon packages, as well as our sports massage services, are available to book online.