Ian Wilkinson

Ian Wilkinson

Specialised in:

  • Pre and Post- operative rehab and strength and conditioning
  • Sports and running injuries
  • Spinal injuries and core stability programs
Ian completed his training in his native country New Zealand, graduating in 2001 and starting his career working in both New Zealand and Australia. Over the last 16 years Ian has worked across a variety of NHS and Private clinical settings in London where he has gained extensive work experience across several disciplines. His background has included being the physio for professional sports teams, private practices across London and occupational health settings.

Ian’s approach as a physiotherapist involves a mixture of functional rehab, strength & conditioning and manual therapy, using the latest evidence to empower the patient to achieve their goals. As an accredited Member of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP), Ian uses western acupuncture to manage painful conditions and improve recovery times. He considers himself to be very analytical and tries to get to the root of the issue to ensure a true solution to the problem and prevent recurrent injury.

In his spare time, Ian likes to skateboard and is the proud owner of his very own backyard ramp. A keen runner, Ian recently completed the 2022 Berlin Marathon in 3hrs 22 minutes – his best attempt yet!

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