Jen Potter

Jen Potter

Pilates Instructor / Personal Trainer

  • Twenty years’ Yoga and Pilates instruction experience
  • Classical Pilates approach, blending stretch and massage-like movement
  • Classes combine equipment and personal care and advice

Jen Potter combines twenty years’ of Yoga teaching and Pilates, giving a truly unique style of teaching. With compassion and lightness, she encourages students to work safely and deeply. Her classes are classic Pilates exercises with massage-like movement and stretch weaved in between.

Jen trained in Rehab Pilates, using machines invented by Joe Pilates, which help with mobilising joints and improving muscle weakness. Foot and leg alignment can be taught and refined on the Wunda Chair and fascial release on the Spine Corrector.

In the last few years, Jen has also been teching group Reformer classes and has also developed a “work out” approach to using the Reformer for those patients that may benefit from the style.

Although challenging, Jen’s classes are highly adapted to each group, from Beginners to Experts and her effective yet refined choreography is easily absorbed.

"I never seem to make it to one class regularly because of my working day so I get to classes with Paul, Diane, and Sarah, and do both beginner and advanced - basically I will take whoever I can get!
I think they are all excellent teachers, in my opinion, and having done Pilates now for almost 10 years, they all bring something very different to their class. However without doubt my favorite class is Diane’s Pilates circuits."

- - Nicholas Clapp, Nov 16
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