SooHui Chai

SooHui Chia

Pilates Instructor & Personal Trainer

  • Certified Practitioner of Pilates (Comprehensive), Polestar Pilates
  • Mat Pilates Certification, Pilates ITC Australia
  • Anatomy and Physiology Certification, Pilates ITC Australia
  • Pre and Post Natal Pilates Teaching Certification, The Center for Women’s Fitness
  • Professional Certificate in Coaching, New York University

SooHui’s motto in life is “To love, be loved, never stop learning, never stop moving”. She embraces change in her life and is always looking for ways to live a better and more fulfilling life and applies the same principles when helping her clients in Pilates and aims to make a difference to people’s lives by empowering them to take charge and lead a more positive life.

SooHui’s Pilates journey started 10 years ago when she was living in Hong Kong. It was then she decided she had to make Pilates an indispensable part of her life. Living and training in culturally diverse cities such as Singapore, New York, Hong Kong, Sydney, Shanghai, and now London, she has pursued her vision to make the philosophy and the practice of Pilates the defining characteristic of her life.

On first trying it, she fell in love with the power of Pilates to change the body and the mind. She loved how Pilates opened a whole new world of muscle and body awareness that complemented all her other physical activities – running, swimming, scuba diving and tennis.

She aims to create positive and pain-free movement experiences in a safe environment that will encourage her clients to never stop moving and subsequently lead happier and healthier lifestyles.

Through her experiences in teaching mat, studio and reformer classes around various studios in London, she has found that very often, clients equate movement to pain, especially when they experience muscle imbalance or an injury. As a result, they can develop a fear to move, which spirals into physical de-conditioning.

She strives to work with clients, especially on an individual basis, to identify their needs, and equip them with the confidence and capability to help them execute personalised movement strategies built on correct body alignment and muscle recruitment, working towards a pain-free and happy existence.

When SooHui is not practising Pilates or engaging in one of her favourite physical past-times, she loves to travel and experience different cultures, documenting both her travel adventures and her Pilates experiences on Instagram @pilatesstories @posbubble

"I never seem to make it to one class regularly because of my working day so I get to classes with Paul, Diane, and Sarah, and do both beginner and advanced - basically I will take whoever I can get!
I think they are all excellent teachers, in my opinion, and having done Pilates now for almost 10 years, they all bring something very different to their class. However without doubt my favorite class is Diane’s Pilates circuits."

- - Nicholas Clapp, Nov 16
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