"I'm enormously indebted to all at LCP, and particularly John Nugus, for keeping my body together through several marathons and ultramarathons. It's a pleasure to be treated by someone who really understands the sport, being such an excellent runner himself; the combination of experience, passion, and curiosity to keep learning about the human body make John an outstanding practitioner."

- Dr Lexie Elliot

I suffer from a congenital muscle imbalance in my shoulder which has caused me pain for many years, particularly when I started weightlifting. I had seen plenty of physiotherapists and osteopaths over the years, but although acknowledging the muscle imbalance none of them had correctly diagnosed the cause of the pain. I met with Ben about five years ago, and like magic he diagnosed the problem and started working to fix it, using a mixture of treatments including dry needling which is painful but extremely effective. Ben’s holistic approach has identified other minor areas to work on, and the end result is much freer movement and significantly reduced pain. Always friendly and great to deal with, I have recommended him to a number of friends and will continue to do so (and visit him myself). Thanks Ben!

- David von Dadelszen

"London City Physiotherapy is definitely one of the best things that happened in my life."

- Yuko Uchida

"I enjoy the classes, and feel the Pilates instructors try to cover as much as they can in the time that they have. I also like the small sizes of the classes which allows the instructors to be more attentive."

- KP, 2016

I have been attending the Monday evening pilates regularly over a year. I enjoy it enormously.
The class size is just right and the room is good. The location is perfect, right next to the tube station.

- RT, 2016

"LCP has been a haven for me. You are always welcomed with a smile and nothing is too much trouble. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone. They will get you better!"

- Lucy Parham

"Ben has been treating me, including acupuncture, by focusing on knees, hamstrings and calves. His treatment has been excellent and I already see the benefits. He has also given me stretching exercises to do each day.
Also, and importantly, Ben is a very nice person to deal with."

- Anon, 2017

"I loved the exercise without sweat of Pilates and the longer term benefits I’m getting after my year of Pilates continue to impress me."

- Frances Ross, Nov 16

"All the staff are very friendly, including the Reception, and you soon feel like a LCP family member."

- Ewa G

"London City Physiotherapy are family to me - they fix me when I’m broken, putting me back together again when I feel it is an impossible task; they have looked after me for over a decade with dedicated and relentless care in all aspects of the most challenging physiotherapy, using this in combination with Pilates and massage - I would use no-one else as they are quite simply the best."

- Patricia

"I had a Women's Health Assessment with Diana after having my first baby. Really helpful explanations and practical advice. Recommended."

- Helen Mint

"I find the service at London City really great and convenient for people working in the city
What I like:
- Convenient lesson times for after work
- Block booking discounts
- Ability to cancel up to 24 hours before"

- Sarah G, 2016

"I love the wide range of enjoyable pilates classes which coupled with the fact that there are also therapists of every type there makes it a great place to go to keep your body in good working order. On top of that there is a warm and friendly atmosphere and very welcoming reception."

- Louise Y

"Martine is fantastic; caring, knowledgeable, calm and practical. She’s cost conscious, personable and really knows her stuff. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

- Kate McMahon

"I would like to thank LCP for your great assistance in my recovery after injury.
I received a very warm and professional welcome each time on visits.
The specialist treatments I received from John each time were very productive and effective to my sustained recovery"

- Martin, 2017

"I enjoy the classes, and feel the Pilates instructors try to cover as much as they can in the time that they have. I also like the small sizes of the classes which allows the instructors to be more attentive.
For me, I go to the classes to gain core strength and tone as opposed to having any back problem/injuries. I find the classes to be very effective, and feel like I get a quality workout."

- Anon, 2016

"I have visited LCP several times and have been unfailingly impressed by the quality of the care I have received. Martine and her team have successfully resolved my 'problems' on every occasion and I cannot praise them too highly. Excellent."

- Sir David Bell

"I think the classes are fantastic and I can definitely feel it makes a difference to my back pain. The teachers are great at teaching movements and doing classes that are different from one week to another - and the group sizes are great."

- RV, 2016

"I really enjoy the Pilates classes, particularly with Sarah who I think is a brilliant instructor. The online booking system is simple to use and reception are always helpful and easy to get hold of."

- Anon, 2016

"LCP offers first class Physiotherapy along with a friendly service from the practitioners. Over the past few years I have also enjoyed the Pilates classes and the massage therapies at LCP. I particularly like the way the Pilates studio is used for physiotherapy sessions which makes the therapy more dynamic and innovative. Without hesitation I would recommend LCP for physiotherapy, Pilates and massage therapy."

- Luisa

"I really like that I can go on line to book and pay for classes and that you can see how many are booked into the classes well in advance which helps me decide when to buy another block of classes and get booking.
I attend Paul’s class on Wednesday’s which I really enjoy. He is a great teacher and entertaining. I also enjoy his particular style of Pilates.
Everybody is very friendly and it is great to be recognised when you arrive."

- Anon, 2016

"I never seem to make it to one class regularly because of my working day so I get to classes with Paul, Diane, and Sarah, and do both beginner and advanced - basically I will take whoever I can get!
I think they are all excellent teachers, in my opinion, and having done Pilates now for almost 10 years, they all bring something very different to their class. However without doubt my favorite class is Diane’s Pilates circuits."

- - Nicholas Clapp, Nov 16

"The treatment I have received from the London City Physiotherapy Clinic has been key to my recovery from recent back surgery. Excellent treatment, professional staff and great facilities make London City a really effective healing environment."

- Andrew H

"I have been visiting London city Physiotherapy for a number of years now for various issues and always found them to be professional, courteous and have a genuine concern for the patient's well being and have always had a good recovery period."

- Ray Thomas

"I discovered London City Physiotherapy and Pilates a year ago and since then have used them extensively for Pilates classes, Pilates personal training sessions, physio treatment and sports massages. All the staff are very friendly and welcoming, as well as being highly qualified and knowledgeable within their relevant fields. The Pilates classes are excellent as there are a maximum of six people in each session which allows the instructor to provide more relevant training and the time to help everyone individually. The LCP staff appear to have a great working relationship and there is strong feeling of teamwork - nothing is too much trouble. I highly recommend LCP and believe they are a hidden haven for all manner of injury, sports and stress related issues that working in the city generates!"

- Sarah Peeling

"It is very important for me that a instructor will correct my posture. Paul does and I like his style. So I am very happy with him!!"

- Masami, 2016

"Instructor (Diane) v good – different exercises each week – very aware of understanding and accommodating our limitations – encouraging
Venue – room etc are very good – clean warm good size etc

I would recommend you to others."

- Helen, 2016

"I've always enjoyed the sessions run by Diane. It has made a real difference to me and I have not had a repeat of my back injury. The sessions are always varied and interesting."

- Anon, 2016

"Every session with Ben has felt magical and is a step change towards improvement. He's intuitive, a strong listener and has the ability to target healing just where it's needed. Thank you Ben for everything you do."

- Anon, 2017

I would just like to express my appreciation to Ben Lee, who has treated me for two separate and painful conditions. He managed to cure my neck pain where injections had not, and then more recently he enabled me to walk again pain-free following severe leg pain. He has a caring, sensitive nature which immediately puts people at ease. Equally important, I had trust in him from the very beginning, which was critical as I have had two major back operations and recurring back pain over several years.


John is far and away the best physio I have had – he is professional and incredibly knowledgeable about his field but is also an all-round great guy and makes what can be gruelling hour-long sessions always enjoyable and worthwhile. Considering many of our sessions were over Zoom (due to COVID) he is incredibly attentive and is genuinely interested in you as a patient and a person – there was no drop off in service over Zoom at all. Great physio and even an better guy!

- Max Koe, M&G Investments

"Sarah's Pilates classes are great because she is an expert in the field and covers the Pilates principles well."

- KY, 2017

"A brief note to register my thanks and appreciation for Mr Ben Lee whom I have now seen for 5 sessions of physiotherapy.
I have felt distinct improvement in the condition he is treating me for and my walk is much improved, enabling me to walk significant distances again without pain.
I recognise that he may not be able to fix the underlying problem which is an impacted nerve but he has certainly alleviated the huge discomfort, indeed pain, I have been experiencing and I am keen to continue under his care.
I understand that spine, nerve and muscle problems are not fixed overnight!

He has used acupuncture in my treatment and while this has been a first time for me, I am sure it has helped my progress significantly.
I also appreciate the fact that he explains what he is doing and how the treatment he delivers is intended to have its effect.

I am particularly grateful that he has been absolutely punctual in seeing me every time. Not an experience I have had in other settings, so I commend him for that."

- Patrick Burns, 2017

"I broke my collarbone and i had been recommended to visit London City Physio and i am so glad i was. Not only was Hugo a great Physio and helped me immensely on my recovery but all the staff were very accommodating and professional. The service was exemplary and I am now well on my road to recovery. Getting the e-mails with my recovery program videos was very useful as it meant i could do them on my lunch break at work. I will definitely be recommending their services to anyone in need of Physiotherapy."

- Ross Finbow, 2018

"My massage was excellent, not only the request for feedback but also the quality and rhythm. I felt fully recovered in the following days so I definitely will repeat and recommend to other people"

- Anon, Nov 16

"I really enjoy the classes. I think all the teachers are of a high standard. My absolute favourite is Paul, closely followed by Luke!
I like the flexibility of not having to commit to a set day as my schedule is all over the place and I usually have to book last minute."

- Helen Stern, 2016

"Martine and the team at London City Physiotherapy are first class at diagnosing and treating injuries. They are professional, friendly and knowledgeable. As someone who enjoys running, dabbles in triathlons and cycling – Martine and the team have quickly treated my injuries and kept sporting niggles at bay. I have tried a number of physios over the years and Martine and London City Physiotherapy are the best. I would highly recommend London City Physiotherapy."

- Caroline Doran

"I’m very much enjoying my classes and find Paul very engaging / helpful as an instructor. I think that certainly as a beginner the value comes from having a small class as it’s easy for us all to see Paul and for him to help guide us as he’s moving round the class."

- DS, 2017

"I've been doing weights and Crossfit training for many years. I have always considered myself strong and fit until I was diagnosed with a painful slipped disc last year. I then had to slow my training considerably and even stop running. Every session was painful.
I decided, with an open mind, to try one to one Pilates with Diane two months ago.
She took me to a new level of core training, which I wasn't familiar with before and also showed me exercises which I could do at home. She designed our sessions according to my needs and was always very attentive: the sessions were always interesting and challenging.
One day I realised that I'm absolutely pain-free, what a great feeling! And after only 5 sessions! I recently started jogging, and can finally do Deadlifts and Squats without having any pain in my lower back.
Diane is brilliant and I unreservedly recommend her''

- Zhanna, 2017

"I have been so so impressed with Paolo since visiting LCP.
He is extremely professional and knowledgeable about reasons behind the aches and pains.
I had been to a couple of places before and never really felt they had made much difference, and therefore I had not returned to them. Paolo however is in a different league and I have started to notice positive improvements after 3 massages now. I would highly recommend him and the business to anybody. I love attending my sessions."

- Miss Carpenter, Nov 16

"I really enjoy my Pilates class with Paul, he is a great teacher and always makes the class fun, enjoyable but also challenging."

- EH, 2016

"I saw you last week with a "wry" neck and you kindly provided me with some painkillers and a referral to London City Physiotherapy. The receptionist fixed an appointment for me with Ben Lee at London City. I just wanted to let you know how great Ben was. Within the half hour appointment he not only managed to get rid of the excruciating pain I was in but also gave me significant movement back in my neck. I saw him again the next day and by the weekend I was pretty much back to normal. I was very impressed by his competency and really went from feeling awful to having a spring in my step! Many thanks for having seen me at such short notice and for your referral to London City Physiotherapy. I am most grateful."

- Danielle Perfect (PwC)