The Plank

The Plank – is it a useful exercise?

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The Plank is one of the most talked about and popular gym exercises. It has become a major trend and is advocated by various fitness professionals as a ‘core exercise’ that can help to ‘develop strength in the core, shoulders, arms, and glutes’, Mens Health
If you are not aware, the plank is described in fitness literature as an exercise where the individualprops themselves up on their forearms and maintains this position for a period of time.  It has become a competitive exercise, to the point where ‘plank offs’ – where people try to hold this position for as long as possible without collapsing – are taking place.

There is current debate in the media, and questions are being asked by medical professionals, as to the value of the plank as an exercise. It has certainly gained both positive and negative press. A recent article in the Daily Mail gave a damning report as told by a lady who suffered chronic pain as a result of planking.

In reply to this we decided to ask the expert opinions of our dual-qualified Pilates Instructors/Personal trainers and Physiotherapists at LCP to see where they stand on the planking phenomenon.

Article by:

  • Marilyn Percival
  • Paul Brookland Williams
  • Diane Purton
  • Sarah Woodhouse
  • Martine Cooper


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