Charlie Brahmbhatt

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
MSc (Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health)


Area of expertise:

– Sports specific rehabilitation e.g. boxing, rugby, tennis, running, gym training
– Polestar equipment and mat work Pilates (comprehensive qualification)
– Strength & conditioning
– Post-operative rehabilitation
– Muscle energy techniques and myofascial release

Charlie made the move into physiotherapy after his International amateur boxing career.
Understanding the pain and frustration of injury led him naturally from being a high-
performance athlete to this supporting side of sport.

He graduated with a Physiotherapy degree from the University of Brighton in 2010 and since
then he has gained valuable experience, both at home (London) and in Singapore where he lived
for seven years. Now back in the UK, he has completed his Masters in Sports Medicine, Exercise
and Health at University College London. His research thesis was on the effect of concussion on
balance on athletes.

Charlie has spent over 12 years working in private physio practices. He has worked with athletes
and sports teams from a variety of backgrounds including boxing, tennis, rugby and competitive
and recreational runners.

Although Charlie’s physio expertise is extensive in treating different sports injuries, he now
specialises in post injury rehabilitation for the upper and lower limb. He has forged good
relationships with orthopaedic surgeons and other health professionals and fitness trainers in
supporting patients with their postoperative recovery and return to sports.

Charlie has a strong focus on goal orientated rehabilitation, creating individualised treatment
plans to ensure his patients achieve the outcomes they desire. Charlie believes that it is his
professional obligation to his patients and future patients to continually extend his skill base and
knowledge. In doing this Charlie provides the highest level and most up to date care for his

In his spare time Charlie is a habitual gym user and outdoor runner. Although he has a now
adopted the safer side of the ropes, Charlie is still involved in boxing, working as a voluntary
coach at his local amateur club.

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