Pilates for Running

Pilates For Running

   Download our ‘Pilates For Running’ pdf. Run Faster and Further with Less Chance of Injury Whether you’re a competitive runner, training for your first marathon or a weekend jogger, running is a great way to boost your cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone. However, failing to consider musculo-skeletal efficiency can result in injury and below […]

shoulder impingement

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

What is Shoulder Impingement Syndrome? The shoulder is possibly the most complex joint in the body. It is formed by three bones; the Scapula (shoulder blade), the Humerus (bone of the upper arm) and Clavicle (collar bone). It is a very flexible ball and socket joint which means it is not as stable as other […]

Frozen shoulder

Frozen Shoulder

Everything You Need To Know About Frozen Shoulder Adhesive Capsulitis, more commonly known as “Frozen Shoulder”, is a debilitating and often highly painful condition caused by the capsule surrounding the shoulder joint becoming stiff, tight and painful. Symptoms can often last for months, sometimes even years, which are often worse at night and, without treatment.  […]

7 important points for older runners

7 important points for older runners

Download our PDF of 7 important points for older runners Running is a great way to stay fit and fight the pounds for all ages. However the downside to running is that it’s a very repetitive, high impact exercise which can lead to a multitude of overuse injuries. As you grow older the elasticity in […]

Sit up Straight

Sit up straight – five of the best dynamic posture exercises

Download our PDF of ‘Sit up straight – five of the best dynamic posture exercises’ Try these exercises at home or the gym to help improve your posture and help you sit and stand up straight.  If you sit at a desk  and are experiencing back, neck, upper limb pain or headaches,  these exercises could […]

desk exercise

7 desk exercises to keep you healthy

Download our PDF of ‘Discover top 7 deskercises to keep you healthy’ Here’s why you should be doing regular desk exercises, or ‘deskercises’ as we like to call them… Living in the digital age means many of us spend our days deskbound and we are unable to move as much as we should. Booking in […]

Neck Stretches

Stretches for a Healthy Neck

 Download Stretches for a Healthy Neck pdfBenefits of stretchingAddresses muscle imbalancesImproves flexibilityReduces risk of injuryImproves performanceHow to stretchTry to stretch when warm if you can. You will get a better result if you have done a little exercise.Stretch slowly, until you feel a pull in the muscle. Don’t bounce.Hold for at least 20 seconds and release gently.You […]

Stretches for Healthy Back

Stretches for a Healthy Back

 Download Stretches for a Healthy Back pdf Benefits of stretching Addresses muscle imbalances Improves flexibility Reduces risk of injury Improves performance How to stretch Try to stretch when warm if you can. You will get a better result if you have done a little exercise. Stretch slowly, until you feel a pull in the muscle. […]

Workstation Tips

Setting up your Workstation

 Download Setting up your Workstation pdf Setting up your chairSeat HeightAdjust the height so that your hips are level or higher than your knees. The whole of your foot should be on the floor, do not lower your chair to suit the desk height. Raise the desk! Ideally the seat pan would have a rounded ‘waterfall’ […]

Overuse Injuries in Sport & Exercise

Overuse Injuries in Sport & Exercise

   Download our Overuse Injuries in Sport & Exercise pdf. What is an Overuse Injury? Chronic injuries are sometimes referred to as cumulative trauma or overuse injuries. Overuse injuries tend to develop slowly and are the result of repetitive trauma, otherwise known as micro- trauma. They are different to acute injuries, where a single traumatic event […]


The Five Key Benefits of Pilates

   Download ‘The Five Key Elements of Pilates‘ pdf. Pilates exercises combine strengthening with good posture; they lighten the load on your spine and joints by correcting muscular imbalances due to bad alignment or misuse of muscles and alleviate tension. You’ll restore good biomechanics, movement patterns and experience five key benefits. 1. Alignment Proper alignment (neutral […]

Bewildered by Pilates Options?

   Download Bewildered by Pilates Options? pdf. How to choose the Pilates that will benefit YOU most Pilates seems to be offered in so many fitness and rehabilitation facilities now, it’s very hard to know what’s best for your needs. Everything, from the tiny movements of rehabilitation Pilates to the challenges of “extreme bootcamp Pilates”, […]

How to Avoid Neck Pain

How to Avoid Neck Pain

   Download ‘How to Avoid Neck Pain’ pdf An acute (sudden onset) bout of neck pain is common. Two out of three of us will have neck pain at some time in our life. In most cases it is not due to a serious disease or neck problem and often the exact cause for the pain is […]

How to Avoid Back Pain

How to Avoid Back Pain

   Download ‘How to Avoid Back Pain’ pdf Eight out of ten of us suffer occasional back pain according to the charity BackCare. If this pain is persistent or you have suffered trauma see a GP or physiotherapist. Otherwise here are a few ideas to help you avoid becoming a statistic. Chartered Physiotherapist Martine Cooper explains “A lot of back problems […]